Why Organic?


Did you know that a woman uses around 11,000 pads or tampons in her lifetime?

Most of these pads are made of plastic materials.
Cotton is the world's most heavily-sprayed pesticide crop.
Only Certified Fair Trade Organic Cotton is free from toxic chemicals.

What is GOTS Organic Cotton?

This cotton is made ethically, socially and environmentally responsibly without the use of chemicals and without unfair labor.


 In an industry that has never been required to disclose its product’s ingredients or test their safety, we saw a better way: a commitment of a healthier, transparent and natural choice. Every Fleur Organics product is made with pure, ethically sourced ingredients. When you buy Fleur Organics, you are not only protecting your own health, but also workers’ health, human rights, and the environment.

So what will you find in Fleur Organics products?

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
Hypoallergenic, helps to prevent the risks of irritations and allergies.
No Pesticides, No Synthetics, No Chlorine bleach, No Dioxin, No Fragrances, or BPA—EVER.

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See our blog post called "The Organic Difference" for more information.